Mystical Solace

Mystical Solace
(Finding comfort in the metaphysical during times of great distress)

It could be part of a temple, half of a church, or a place/time in which to suspend everything and one’s self in the name of a ritual yet to be invented. The space gathers forms and symbols: stairs to ascend without a mooring; thresholds to be crossed, with emphasis on a possible transformation; surreal, haptic objects to be caressed with the eyes and the hands; boulders like talismans; stones like mirrors.
The installation is completely contained within a triangle (magical geometry par excellence) charged with signs, alive thanks to those who will cross its thresholds, who will activate it by inhabiting it: some, but not all, equipped with a certain inclination to the mystical and to ritual.
The gesture, full of irony and power, has prompted Casone and the designers during “Fuori Salone”, to set up this mausoleum portion, characterised by uncertain spiritual allusions: in fact, its triangle opens onto the very heart of commercial Milan, while the city is full to bursting with its most important event.
Those who will immerse themselves in this dense and suspended place, those who will encounter a personal and not-at-all obvious path, will become the human and mobile element of the display, among the wonder of the stones. The reference, more or less explicit, more or less provocative, is that of the contemporary and widespread need to aunt a mystical detachment from the world and from the daily, buzzing, fast pace of things: if this need is fully justified, increasingly it seems to stumble over exquisitely Western practices that are, to say the least, curious, sometimes fake, far from any form of authenticity.

But within Mystical Solace, furthermore, one can and should go well armed with simple lightness, mere fascination, without questioning, bypassing symbols, discovering a personal message within a reality that is far from Manichaean. The juxtapositions of the Yellow Siena marble and the dark stone of Noir Doré tell us that light and darkness are inevitably intertwined, that the time of “Black or White” is long gone (if there ever really was such a time). Yellow Siena marble and Noir Doré are two extremely difficult stones, and their characteristic aesthetic power and drama are derived in part from their very fragility. Further, simply to be able to work these stones, a treatment to make them more compact is necessary: to attempt the acrobatics proposed in De Allegri and Fogale’s design was no mean feat.
Casone has undertaken this project with long experience in the design and processing of natural stone, supporting the installation to the smallest detail and realising, both on the walls and the floors, precious and complex exemplars of intarsia.
The technique is Florentine intarsia. The Yellow Siena is engraved and cut with CNC machines, and the drawings/imprint obtained in this way are then filled - in this case with Noir Doré or Rameggiato Green marble (the other stone used in the installation) - and together they are calibrated and polished as if they were a single piece.
The collection of objects, on the other hand, has been worked by layering sheets of the two materials, creating mixed blocks and working them, once again, as if they were a single stone.
The result is close to perfection, due to the advanced technologies and the manual and artisan knowledge of stone achieved over many years.

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Curated by Studio Vedet & Matteo Florin

Photography: Delfino SL & Marco Cappelletti